Buy a Gun from ArmsDealer in 5 Easy Steps


Buying a Gun from ArmsDealer.com.au                                            IT'S EASIER THAN YOU THINK





1.    Login or Establish an account on the ArmsDealer.com.au website


2.    Upload your license details and nominate a dealer for brokerage.  (This will be your local gun store)


3.    Purchase your chosen firearm.  (You now own the firearm and we will ship it to your nominated dealer)


4.    Apply for a PTA (Permit to Acquire) with the firearms registry in your State or Territory. (It is not necessary to provide ArmsDealer with the origional PTA as we are not brokering your weapon.  It is essential that you provide your brokering dealer with the original PTA and origional firearms license)


5.   We will email you once your firearm has been shipped.  Collect your firearm from your nominated dealer.  (Expect the brokering dealer to charge you a brokerage fee of $11 inc GST in QLD. (May vary between states & territories))




Firearms may only be sold to a valid license holder for the category of weapon that the license permits.  Firearms will not be sent to you directly but must be shipped to your nominated licensed firearms dealer for brokering.  You can collect your firearm from your nominated dealer upon completion of above.


If you have trouble uploading your license details to the ArmsDealer website you can download our Licensing Form and post it to us.  We will update your account for you.


Post the completed Licensing Form to:            


Attn: Licensing Dept.


PO Box 7860

G.C.M.C, QLD 9726




We will post your firearm to your nominated dealer and email you a parcel tracking code. 


For your convenience you can now apply for a permit to acquire online at the Queensland Police website.  www.police.qld.gov.au/programs/weaponsLicensing/applyOnline/pta/






The Brokering Process


Once ArmsDealer has shipped your firearm to your nominated dealer, you can take possession of your firearm after the broker has completed the brokering process.

    • Take your license and your PTA to your dealer for brokering
    • The dealer will sight your license and fill out the paperwork to initiate the transfer
    • The dealer will submit your paperwork to the weapons registery in your state or territory
    • Expect to be charged a fee for brokering.  ($11 inc GST in Queensland.  Fees may vary between states and territories)